Erosion Led to Bridge Closure

bridgeIt seems pier erosion was to blame for the recent Fremantle bridge closure. Although the bridge has since been reopened, the erosion was found at the foundation of one of the bridge’s piers leading authorities to close the bridge.

As a precautionary safety measure Main Roads closed the bridge and northern river channel to all traffic after an inspection revealed concerns.

The inspection found erosion at the foundation of one of the bridge’s four piers.



Fremantle Traffic Bridge Reopens

fremantle traffic bridge

The Fremantle Traffic Bridge, recently closed for repairs has been reopened on Tuesday morning.

On Friday the bridge had to be closed because of sand erosion at one of the pier’s foundations.

It was closed so that unwater divers could stabilise the pier. An inspection found that the bridge is now safe for traffic once again and it has been reopened.  Source: