Lathlain Park Redevelopment Planned

lathlain-park-2-web-300x200The WA state government has allocated $10 million in the state budget for the redevelopment of Lathlain Park over the next 4 years to help support community sport.

The funding was confirmed by Premier Colin Barnett which he said would go towards community aspects of the redevelopment including adding an oval and rebuilding an existing oval, lighting, scoreboard, 2 lane synthetic running track, pathways, tennis courts and a playground.

The redevelopment will also include an administration and training facility for the West Coast Eagles, who will fund its own dedicated facilities as part of the project.

Construction work will start at the end of the 2016 WAFL season. Source:$10m-for-redevelopment/7687278

World’s Biggest Airplane Lands in WA


If you weren’t already aware the world’s largest plane has touched down in Perth, sending around16,000 aviation fanatics into a frenzy as they gathered at Perth Airport to catch a glimpse of the impressive aircraft.

It was the Antonov 225’s first visit to Australia for its first commercial flight. The plane took off from Kiev carrying a 133 tonne generator made in The Czech Republic. The plan can carry up to 250 tonnes.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the massive plane was stranded in Ukraine but in 2001 it was decided that the plane would be recommissioned.

Once it leaves Australia, the plane will visit Turkmenistan, India and Malaysia.



Car Chase Leads to Discovery of Home-made Gun and Drugs

policeA police car chase through Perth’s southern suburbs led to the arrest of a Fremantle man who was found with a homemade gun and drugs.

Fremantle Detectives say the 31 year old man refused to pull over when prompted by police and sped off, leading police on a pursuit before abandoning the vehicle at Torgoyle Reserve in Wattleup.

Police proceeded to chase down the man by foot before catching him. They discovered a homemade gun, ammunition, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. He will appear in Fremantle Magistrates Court on May 20th.


Erosion Led to Bridge Closure

bridgeIt seems pier erosion was to blame for the recent Fremantle bridge closure. Although the bridge has since been reopened, the erosion was found at the foundation of one of the bridge’s piers leading authorities to close the bridge.

As a precautionary safety measure Main Roads closed the bridge and northern river channel to all traffic after an inspection revealed concerns.

The inspection found erosion at the foundation of one of the bridge’s four piers.



Fremantle’s Own Mushroom Farm

mushroomRecycled coffee grounds are to be used to give rise to WA’s first urban mushroom farm.

Two friends, Ryan Creed and Julian Mitchell have hatched a plan to grow gourmet oyster mushrooms with moist coffee grounds, effectively diverting around 3 tonnes of coffee waster from landfill.

The 2 F-I-F-O mine workers managed to crowdfund the $30,000 they needed to initiate their plan, starting by cycling around Fremantle daily to collect waste and taking it to the commercial urban farm to mix with mushroom spores.

They are selling mushrooms back to local restaurants and many residents are growing mushrooms in their homes with their boxed home mushroom growing kits.



Man Arrested For Fremantle Prison Fire

fremantle prisonFollowing the Fremantle prison fire, a 44 year old man has been arrested and sentenced to 2 years in jail.

The man broke into Fremantle Prison and lighting a fire.

The middle aged man, Adam John Douglas Merrett was arrested and sentenced by the Supreme Court of Western Australia. He will serve a minimum of 12 months over the incident that happened in April 2014.

The man gained access into the cottage number 2 at the prison, WA’s only world heritage listed building by smashing a window and used paint to set alight a wooden door inside the cottage. Source:

Beautiful Fremantle Captured by Drone Footage



You can now watch an aerial view of Fremantle, as captured by drone footage.

Sky Perth owner, Rodrigo Matsumoto flew a drone over Fremantle 10-15 times over the summer to capture the city from the sky.

His latest video shows historic sites such as the Dingo Flour sign in North Fremantle, overlooking the seas as well as the SkyView Observation Wheel at the Esplanade.

Mr Matsumoto said he wanted to show a different perspective to the beautiful Fremantle streets.


Cycling on Foot Paths Legal in WA

cyclistFremantle residents, in fact anyone living in Western Australia should be aware that cycling on footpaths has once again been made legal in the state.

The government decided last week to increase the number of dedicated bike paths after the deaths of 2 cyclists in Perth last month. The cyclists were hit by cars.

While previous laws only permitted children under 12 to ride on footpaths, the new rule allows all cyclists this privilege.

The Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the Cycling and Pedestrian Advisory Group found allowing cyclists of all ages on footpaths had safety benefits and very low risks to pedestrians.


Fremantle Traffic Bridge Reopens

fremantle traffic bridge

The Fremantle Traffic Bridge, recently closed for repairs has been reopened on Tuesday morning.

On Friday the bridge had to be closed because of sand erosion at one of the pier’s foundations.

It was closed so that unwater divers could stabilise the pier. An inspection found that the bridge is now safe for traffic once again and it has been reopened.  Source:

Fremantle Power Station Death Latest

south fremantleThe person who witnessed the tragic death of a 24 year old man at the Fremantle Power Station over the weekend, says they begged him to stop climbing before the incident occurred.

The witness said the man climbed up the old South Fremantle Power Station on Saturday evening shortly before he fell to his death. The witness who did not want to be named warned him that what he was doing was dangerous but the Byford man and a female companion apparently refused to listen.

According to a witness, the victim and a woman climbed up the side of building, using smashed window ledges as footings. They climbed about 30 metres and tried to access a high level which couldn’t be reached from the inside since the staircases had been removed.

The man eventually fell 15 metres through a hole to his death. Read more