WA Tourism Market Eyes China

FREMANTLE PRISONFollowing news that WA has 2 of the top 10 tourist attractions in Australia according to TripAdvisor, the state is eyeing the big Chinese market.

Fremantle Prison made it to the top 10 list of Australian tourist sites but apparently due to weak destination marketing, the state is missing out on China’s lucrative tourism income. This was revealed by Chinese travel professionals.

According to Chinese travel agents, awareness of the state’s landscapes and experiences was low, agents attending Tourism WA’s Ni Hao conference in Fremantle recently revealed.

While 1 million Chinese tourists came to Australia last year, only 43,000 came to WA.  Source: http://www.perthnow.com.au/business/wa-tourism-industry-eyes-biggest-market-china/news-story/47c4a45afcdb9b7bac20173bce791fc9

This is Where to Go for Perth’s Best Steak Sandwich

steak-sandwich-300x168The Harbour Master has been named the home of best steak sandwich in Perth and the owner attributes his success to the use of mouth-watering blended flavours and an extra side.

The Australian Hoteliers Association Expo was recently held at the Crown with the steak sandwich bringing together WA venues and pubs, showcasing home-style cooking and locally grown WA produce.

The final cook-off was between 5 restaurants but The Harbour Master’s steak sandwich won out in the end. Read more at http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/the-harbour-master-home-of-perths-best-steak-sandwich-20160512-gota41.html

Fremantle’s Own Mushroom Farm

mushroomRecycled coffee grounds are to be used to give rise to WA’s first urban mushroom farm.

Two friends, Ryan Creed and Julian Mitchell have hatched a plan to grow gourmet oyster mushrooms with moist coffee grounds, effectively diverting around 3 tonnes of coffee waster from landfill.

The 2 F-I-F-O mine workers managed to crowdfund the $30,000 they needed to initiate their plan, starting by cycling around Fremantle daily to collect waste and taking it to the commercial urban farm to mix with mushroom spores.

They are selling mushrooms back to local restaurants and many residents are growing mushrooms in their homes with their boxed home mushroom growing kits.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-05-10/perth-mushroom-farm-begins-production/7399456


Beautiful Fremantle Captured by Drone Footage



You can now watch an aerial view of Fremantle, as captured by drone footage.

Sky Perth owner, Rodrigo Matsumoto flew a drone over Fremantle 10-15 times over the summer to capture the city from the sky.

His latest video shows historic sites such as the Dingo Flour sign in North Fremantle, overlooking the seas as well as the SkyView Observation Wheel at the Esplanade.

Mr Matsumoto said he wanted to show a different perspective to the beautiful Fremantle streets.

Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/wa/a/31545956/drone-video-beauty-of-fremantle-captured-from-the-air/

Winter Festival Returns to Fremantle

winter festivalThe Fremantle Winter Festival will return this year and run from June 24 to July 17.

Organisers recently announced the largest pop-up ice rink in Australia would be returning at the Esplanade Reserve.

The winter wonderland would feature a 2 storey wrap around bar which would serve hot beverages. It would also have family entertainment and an inflatable pop-up slide.

Some of the improvements made this year include cheaper tickets, more activities and winter date nights.

Source: https://www.communitynews.com.au/news/Winter-Festival-to-return-to-Fremantle/7686334